Front & Back Focus Adjustments Service

We now offer both Front & Back Focus Adjustment Service.
We will fine tune all of your lenses with micro adjustments to your DSLR body.
Contact us to see if your model camera has the ability to make micro adjustments to your focus and also pricing.

Data Recovery Service

$ 25.00 Flat Fee to recover lost or deleted files from your Digital Camera Memory Card, USB Stick (Thumb Drive) or Computer Hard Drive.

Equipment We Service

Cameras Accessories Projectors
APS Lenses 35 mm Slide
Film - 35 mm Compact Flashguns 110 Slide
Film - 35 mm SLR Binoculars 2 1/4 Slide (Medium Format)
Digital - Compact Rangefinders 16 mm
Digital - DSLR Telescopes Overhead
Medium Format Tripods Film Strip
Large Format Copy Stands Microfiche Reader
Copal Shutters Caramate Audio Viewer
Darkroom Timers
Hand Held Light Meters


Manufacturers We Service

Manufacturers We Service
Agfa Hasselblad Samsung
Argus Hewlitt Packard - HP Sankyo
Bell & Howell Jason Sanyo
Beseler Kodak Sawyers
Black's Konica Sekonic
Buhl Kyocera Sigma
Bushnell Leica Soligor
Canon Leitz Sony
Casio Mamiya Sunpak
Chinon Metz Tamron
Contax Minolta Tasco
Dalite Minox Telex
Dukane Miranda Tokina
Eiki Nikon Topcon
Elmo Olympus 3M
Eumig Panasonic Vivitar
Fuji Pentax Voightlander
Gossen Polaroid Yashica
Hanimex Ricoh Zeiss Ikon